family and home and infrastructure04 Aug 2013 08:21 am

This weekend, I got my wife an iMac desktop replacing her aging Windows Vista PC, which was getting long in the tooth and pokey.  This complete our migration from an all PC environment to a complete MAC world.

The process started when I replaced my laptop with a MacBook Pro.  I was typically going through a new PC laptop every 6 months.  I am hard on PC keyboards, since I learned to type on a TRS-80 which had a terrible keyboard bounce problem, so I learned to type by pressing the keys very hard.  So I would get a new Window PC laptop regularly.

Next I got my daughter a MacBook Pro when she graduated from 8th grade.  She was using one of my older PC laptops, but, wasn’t very happy with it, and asked for a Mac, so she got migrated.

My youngest son was not happy with his Windows PC. Even though he had anti-virus software on his PC, he continued to get viruses on his PC, so he asked if he could use my Macbook Air, which became his primary machine.  Even with Microsoft anti-virus installed, during his forays to Club Penguin he still managed to get virus and spyware regularly.  I have not gotten any viruses on my Mac’s as of yet which is a great plus.

My middle son asked for a MacBook Pro about in March before we went on vacation for spring break. Since he was graduating from 8th grade, his MacBook Pro became his graduation present.

So, all we had at the house was my Wife’s Vista PC, which was getting old and locking up.  During the time she was using it, I restored the machine to factory settings a few times because Windows gets pokey when things download and install from the Internet.

Before making the decision to migrate her to a iMac, I installed Windows 8 as a VM on my MacBook Pro using Parallel’s which lets you install VM’s including Windows, Limux, CentOS, etc.  I absolutely hate the Windows 8 interface.  The interface in my option has to be one of the most counter intuitive travesty’s ever created by a major software vendor. Its mind boggling how they could miss the mark so drastically.  I believe that the Windows 8 user interface was designed around their Surface tablet, but, clearly they should have had a refined user interface for PC’s versus the Surface.

I love the interface on my iPad.  Apple, with Steve Jobs as the design nazi really did an amazing job enforcing usability on all of their products.  I will be very interested to see how the interface changes with iOs 7.

So I picked up the iMac earlier in the week, unboxed it, and it literally took a few minutes to get the box configured and up and running including migrating all of my wife’s emails into Microsoft Office for the Mac.  I am still a big fan of Microsoft Office.

Conversely, I work every day with Windows 2008 servers.  While there is the issue of security vulnerabilities on Windows Servers, they still do a fine job every day supporting the IT security applications that I work with on a daily basis.  While I had the option to select the IT security software on Linux servers, running on Active Directory Domain connected servers has worked well for me over the last few years.

When my wife and daughter get back from east coast college visits this evening, she is going to be surprised to see the new ergonomic iMac sitting on her desk ready for her to start using it.

I also have a Sun workstation sitting headless in the Server room in the basement, which I have kept up and running whenever I wanted to geek out in a UNIX environment.  That is less of an issue now that I installed a VM of CentOS Linux on my Mac that I can use for the same purpose.

I think that my sentiments are very similar to others who are moving towards being dissatisfied with the Windows 8 operating system and look for alternatives.

family15 Feb 2009 11:30 am

After honeymooning at the Hyatt Regency Kaanapali Beach Mani, my wife and I feel in love with the area.  We were fortunate enough to go back ever few years, then stopped going for a while when our children were really young.  We ventured back with the children about 4 years ago, but, for spring break, we started spending time in Reno visiting family.

The stars alinged this year, and we are heading back to Maui.  There is something amazing about an Ocean view from your hotel room, with a giant sliding door you can keep open all night listening to the waves crashing into the shore.

We are already signed up for zipline’ing down the mountain.

We will be spending alot of time at the beach boggie boarding and hanging out at the pool.  With the children being older, we might even try riding bikes down the Haleakala Crater, Maui

I can hardly wait.  Its going to be exciting