November 2007

development27 Nov 2007 02:03 pm

I received a request from my client to re-code a legacy application that performed audit activities on the software system that I am supporting.  The source code for the legacy application was not available, so I needed to start from scratch.

The software program needed to run on Windows PC’s, so Microsoft Visual Studio was an excellent choice for developing the software.  Back in the day, I had been a UNIX “C/C++” Developer, a Microsoft VC developer, a BASIC programmer, and I have dabbled with Java.”, so creating a new application should be a piece of cake.

Microsoft Visual Studio is VERY cool.  You can develop your application in ANY language that you like, and access ANY of the .NET framework libraries.   You can code in Java, C++, or VB, with complete access to all of the .NET framework tools.   This is absolutely amazing.

I rewrote a critical legacy application that took over an hour to run, in just about 3 hours of coding time, using many of the cool functions available in the .Net framework, and found that the application completes with perfect output in just under 1 second.  My client was blown alway by the new application, the speed, and the expanded functionality.

After leading the ENTIRE enterprise security department in a CISO role, with SOX compliance accountability, it is really fun to get back down to development rolling up my slieves, and solving business problems.   Its nice to know that I can still go back to my roots and code software.

Kuddos to Microsoft on a well written development suite.

Uncategorized26 Nov 2007 10:48 am

In an earlier post, I shared that I am making changes to support a legacy software system that is critical to the daily business operatons.   The major changes that I was making to this software package was in support of the thanksgiving day holiday.  I completed the software changes, tested them, and pushed them out to everybody, and amazing, it worked perfectly with NO REPORTED problems.

Bingo.  Supported the business, AND, made changes to to a software system that has not been updated since 1996. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncategorized21 Nov 2007 08:39 pm

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Uncategorized14 Nov 2007 01:35 pm

I spent last Friday night at the Museum of Science and Industry sleeping over with the Indian Princesses. The program at the Museum is amazing. You show up at the museum after 5:00 PM with your sleeping bag, and air mattress. You then have the run of the museum all night. The exhibits are open until MIDNIGHT.

When we arrived, we get tickets for the Science of Starwars exhibit as well as the Omnimax theater. There was no additional cost for the U-505, the Millinium Falcon simulator, and the coal mine.

We started at the Science of Starwars exhibit. It was only. My youngest son will LOVE it when we bring him back to see it since he is a total starwars fan. Next we treked over to the U-505. The submarine is amazing, now that it has been moved indoors to a climate controlled chamber. The U-505 used to be parked outside the building, but, was going to rust away into nothing if exposed to the elements. The exhibit was absolutely amazing. After touring the U-505 we rushed back the Millinium Falcon simulator, which was amazing. The ride did not move but the cockput of the falcon and the videos projected at the windows gave me the experience of flying in space. Next we raced back the Omnimax to watch a movie called monsters of the Deep. And afterwards, the girls were so tired, that we didn’t even go to the coal miine exhibit.

The evening was amazing. The museum was virtually deserted, since the cap the number of people that can sleep over. My daughter and I had a great time. I would recommend everybody to sign up.

home07 Nov 2007 09:49 am

To get into the spirit of thanksgiving, I like to go to Costco and get a bag of fresh cut up squash and make a nice soup for dinner.    This was after a busy Sunday that included taking my middle son to basketball and then dropping him off at swimming practice, followed by a quick trip to Costco to get the squash and take back the extra 4 boxes of Halloween candy that we didn’t give out this year.  It’s great to, be able to stock up on candy and then take back the extras after the holiday is over.


After picking up the squash I sauntered over to blenders to pick up a new one since the old kitchenaid blender appeared to have melted a seal and was leaking all over the place when you attempted to use it.  I had just loaded a snazzy new blender into my cart when my wife called.  She said, instead of getting a blender, lets get a Vitamix, since you can make healthy smoothies with it.  So be it.  The blenders go back on the shelf, and I go home to make my soup.


When I get home, I look for the food processor to puree the squash, but, can only find the base to the food processor.  The compartment that you put the food into is missing.  Try and call the wife, but, her cell phone goes right to voicemail.  That happens when she is in the pool building with the kiddies, so, I’m on my own.


I put the squash into a soup pot with a nice chicken stock base, and begin to cook it.  After the squash starts to get soft, I take out a potato masher and begin to smash the squash up in the soup.


My wife then calls me back and tells me that the food processor attachment is in the freezer because my youngest son was doing a science experiment.  Go figure.


The soup came out great, after I added some maple syrup to the mix, and some flour to thicken it up.  Delicious.


Monday morning, while sitting at the office, I went to the Vitamix web site to order a Vitamix.  I related my story of mashing up the squash with a potato masher, and the other consultant I sit with in my office, says, “Why don’t you use an immersion mixer?”    Having no clue what an immersion mixer is, I google it, and find an amazing kitchen aid immersion mixer that you can stick into your soup pot to blend and chop everything up.


I have to have one of these I think.


So, I go back to google which directs me to where the immersion blender is listed at $129.00.  I thought that was expensive, so, I tried to go to from my personal computer, but, my Verizon wireless card was slow, so I used the work computer at my client.  I don’t usually use my clients computer for personal web surfing, but, on occasion, I will.


The price on for the immersion blender is $49.99.  80% off the list price.  I’m like, WOW.  I have to buy this.   I go back to my personal computer, and log into, only to find that *my* price is $94.00.  As an unregistered user, they offer the product at 49.99.  As a loyal customer its $94.00.


That is an amazing way to price product.  Offer an incredible discount to a new user of the web site, but, to a person who has purchased multiple times from, give them a paltry discount. 


That a very interesting predatory pricing module used by and a terrible way to treat legacy customers.


I created a new account at and got my immersion blender for $49.99.