Walt Disney World in Orlando was amazing.   We haven’t been back there in about 2 years, since we have been traveling the globe visiting relatives, but, my youngest son asked if we could go and we planned the trip.   It’s remarkable that each time we go the place gets better.  We stayed this time at the Disney Beach Club resort, which is located a 5 minute walk from the World Showcase at Epcot Center.   Service at the Concierge Level makes the trip even more enjoyable.  Your bags are brought directly from your car to your room, and you go register with the Concierge on your floor at your convenience.  Your room key also gets you into the park.  They make it very smooth and painless as they separate you from your cash.  And IMHO, its worth every dime. We dropped off our bags, and then, made a quick dash to Epcot Center.  When my wife asked me to check the temperature, it was suppose to be in the 60 and 70’s.  So we packed very few warm cloths.  Disney World was 28 degrees.  I’ve never been in Orlando when it was SO cold, but, it made for an interesting time.  I didn’t sweat while walking through the parks.    Epcot just finished updating the Epcot Ball, which is my children’s favorite ride.  The ride was okay before, the updates made it a bit more relevant, and they replaced the soundtrack with Dame Judy Dench, and since Steve Jobs is now the biggest stock holder in Disney, they developed a bunch of Real Estate to a recreation of Steve Wozniak’s garage where the Apple ][ computer was created.  We were glad the Epcot Ball had just re-opened.    The amazing world of Energy with Ellen Degenerous and Bill Nye the Science Guy is always fun.  We didn’t really like the aquarium ride, which was a rather poor version of the Nemo story.  We also found picture of ourselves and the children etched on the sculpture at the front entrance to Epcot.  Every time we go back to Disney, it’s a highlight. The Animal Kingdom is great.  We loved the Lion King musical and a bugs life.  The roller coaster broke before we got on it, and it was a good thing, since it stopped when it was going up to the top and we watched people walking down on the cat walk.  THAT would not have been a good time. Disney was amazing.   We got their towards the end of the day, and when Sundown came, the castle was amazing.  They had covered it in icicle lights.  It was really beautiful.  The main street electrical parade was also fun, and we enjoyed a bunch of the new rides.  Monsters Inc. replaced the Time Processor, who was moved over to the Leolo and Stich ride, and the Monsters Inc had you text a joke to the monsters which was actually used during the show to generate the laughs that power Monster city.  Another of the highlights was having dinner at the California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Hotel.    The food was amazing, and right around desert time, the fireworks over the magic kingdom went off with the lights in the restaurant dimmed and the soundtrack playing in the restaurant.   I would highly recommend that you visit WDW if you haven’t been there in a while.