August 2008

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This has absolutely nothing to do with Enterprise Security, but, it was one of the strangest restaurant moments I have had ever dining out in my life.  I understand that the ecconomy is in a downturn, and restaurants are hurting, but, this takes the cake.

I’ve been eating at a neighborhood sushi restaurant for over 20 years.  I’ve lived in the same general area, but, this restaurant close to my house, and convenient to get to.   I can only imagine what I paid that restaurnat over 20 years for a restaurant that I go to frequently.

After the original owner of the restaurant retired when he turned 95, he sold the restaurant to his head sushi chef.  Many of the older waitresses and the hostess also retired with him.  He started the restaurant at the age of 75 when the japanese company he was working for “retired” him as their president.  He ran the best japanese restaurant in the area with jet fresh fish from Japan until the day he retired.  After he left it went completely down hill. 

In recent years, I’ve noticed the crowds at the restaurant thinning.   They have been raising their prices, and charging extra for things like a bowl of rice or miso soup, which, in days gone by, they gave for free when your slugging down sushi at a few dollars or more a slice.

Over the last year, I started noticing that they would frequently over charge me.  I order one bowl of soup.  I find the bill contains charges for 3 bowls of soup.  I would point out the mistake to the sushi chef, this gruff old japanese guy, who would growl at the counter girl who would adjust my bill.   Or, find charges on the bill for sushi or sashimi that I clearly did not order or eat.  It was getting to be rediculous.   Every time I got the bill, I would need to review the charges, while the sushi chef scouled at me.  It turned into a bizarre ritual.

The day that will live in infamy in the annals of my eating at the restaurant began like any other normal meal.  I ordered a charishi, which is slices of raw fish on a bed of rice.  I had two of my three children with me, and we ordered a substantial meal.  My son likes something from the lunch menu, that at lunch they charged $7.95 for, but, looking at the bill, for dinner it was $14.95.   Same portions.  Same meal.  But twice the price.  Okay.  Its dinner time, I can understand the uplift, but, do you really want to do that to somebody who eats at your restaurant twice a week?  Its a business decision I suppose.

Then the wheels came off the bus.  I asked for some extra ginger.  My son asked to try the ginger so I let him try it, he liked it, and ate it.   I asked the mexcian sushi chef for some more ginger since the old japanese sushi chef was off in the kitchen screaming in japanese about something or other.  He promptly game me the ginger. 

My wife and one of my childen, who did not join us for dinner, like soft shell crab rolls.  I order two for takeout for them, and we get ready to leave.

I look at the bill, and I see a fifty cent charge for EXTRA GINGER and two TWO DOLLAR TAKE OUT charges for the soft shell crab roles.  Let me get this straight.  I’m buying more food from you, AND your charging me two bucks each for each take out box?  And you charged me $9.95 for a bowl of “clam soup” that we did not order or eat, that I had you remove from the bill!  Where is the parity in that?

I paid the bill, and took the four dollars and fifty cents they charges me for nonsense out of the tip.  I signed the credit card receipt, and my children and I left the restaurant.

As we are walking up the street, the mama san who manages the restaurant, dressed in traditional grab including the backpack on her back, comes running up the street chasing me screaming, “Sir, Sir, Sir”

I stop and turn around.  She runs up and says, “I have to ask you, Why you leave bad tip?”.

I’m like, well, you charged me $.50 for ginger and $2.00 a box each for 2 takeouts.   Thats not fair, since I eat at your restaurant alot.


Let me get this straight I say…. After eating at your restaurant for 22 years, your kicking me out?

YES, she screamed!

She then wagged her finger at me and my children, turned around and scurried back into her restaurant like a rat.

It was like something out of the twilight zone.

So lets review the facts:

1) Business is down

2) the Illinios anti-smoking ban has chased away your most ardent japanese business diners

3) You chase away customer by over charging him for things he didn’t order

4) You tell him NO SUSHI FOR YOU because he objected to paying .50 for ginger and 2 bucks for each take out box.

Whats the world coming to?

IT Security04 Aug 2008 10:30 am

After uninstalling the corrupted Norton anti-virus, I re-installed a fresh version of Norton Security center. The Firewall has not reported any processes attempting to reach out to the Internet. No processes attempting to join a botnet using IRC. No rogue processes trying to send email on port 25. Its very strange.  No rogue listeners bound to any TCP/IP ports.  Maybe the machine did not have a SPAMbot, but, a malfunctioning version of Norton that was sending the same email over and over? There has to be some residual artifacts or aberent behavior to validate that a SPAMbot was on the computer, but, so far, nothing.   I’m shifting towards no SPAMbot on my PC, but, still, its strange that comcast detected rogue emails for one day, and a corrupt Norton A/V.  Maybe the email scanner from Norton flipped out and caused the problem.  The quest continues.