I went out a few years ago and purchased a 500GB Lacie mini disk drive to use as a backup for critical files.  Nothing much original was stored on there, but, it was a convenient place to keep the 40K pictures, 3000 songs, and edit videos.

Well, this morning, the Lacie started making funny noses and the PC started barfing about write errors.  Now the silly thing won’t show up on my available drives.  

I went and purchased an iomega 1TB hard disk, and I am in the process of ripping my songs out of my iPod back to new hard disk and will shortly begin copying all of my critical files back over to the new backup drive.

I also might try and find a used one on eBay and see if I can resurrect the broken drive since i have a few things on there that I would like to recover but if I cant its not the end of the world.