February 2011

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I’ve lived through many iterations of Windows Laptops.  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and they all eventually quirked out with viruses or just poor construction.  My last Dell laptop must have gotten a virus even though I have Microsoft Security Suite installed because its acting all quirky when I tried to click on a link in an email. No matter.

We made the jump this summer to iPhone 4 for my family when my daughter dropped her phone out of her pocket at Great America when on the American Eagle.  Since I needed to get her a new phone I figured why not.  And I have really enjoyed having a iPhone.

So, I had the opportunity to get a Mac Book Pro and switch from a PC to the Mac Book as my primary laptop.

90% of the work I do on my personal laptop is Microsoft Office, and the new Mac Office 11 is amazing.  I love the interface.  I liked Office 2003, and hated 2007.  Mac Office 11 is much more like the 2003 interface.

When my son’s iPod touch broke, I went to the apple store to get it replaced.  I asked one of the Apple support people which Windows emulator they recommend. Two said Parallel 6.  I bought a copy and have decided that this is one of the coolest software packages out there.

Inserting my XP CD into the MAC drive, Parallel 6 built me an XP VM that runs the one or two windows programs that I still like to use while letting me use this amazing Mac Book Pro with an excellent monitor, keyboard, etc.

Check out a new Mac Book Pro today!

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On Saturday Night, the power in my sub division started to brown out.  The lights in the house were flickering, and low and behold my computer crashed.  This was strange since my home office PC sits behind a UPS.  But, obviously, the UPS failed and the power fluctuations flaked out the tower in my home office.  I turned the computer off, and waited a few hours until the power stabilized.

The PC would not reboot.

It started up, but, then complained that one of the hard disks was bad.  Sure enough; one of the two drives raided together was toasted.

When you hear that you should be backing up your computer, its no lie.  When your hard disk dies, you can be up a creak.  But, not me.  In august of this year, I invested in Acronis backup software.  Every night my PC dumped all of its data to a 2TB external drive connected to my PC.  And, this evening, I successfully recovered my data.

Its amazing at Best Buy is selling 500 GB SATA disk drives for $47 bucks.

If you don’t have automated backup software on your PC, rush out and get some today!