Being an IT security guy, I have always protected my business and personal email addresses.  I have a webmail account I use to register for things online, so my email address has less of a chance of getting into a SPAMMERS database.  And up until recently, that worked out very well.  Unfortunately, my primary email address did get into a SPAM database, but, so far it has been manageable.

But, this is interesting.  We refreshed the web site a few weeks back, and added a contact us form.  The web site in this current incarnation is new, and the contact form is new, but, in the last few days, I have received a handful of SPAM contact form posts.  Thats right.  SPAM on the contact form with a link to other web sites in the comment field.

That seems to me to be a lot of work.  Write a web crawler that searches the Internet for contact forms, reads the HTML, fills in the fields, like name, email address, telephone number and then, places a link in the comment field.

Rest assured that I am not going to click on the link I received, but, the depths to which these spammers will go to get a person to click on a link and visit a web site is pretty amazing.

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