I have switched my laptops from Windows to MAC and I love my Mac Book Pro.  It works perfectly, and is really fast. But, I have always had a windows PC in my home office.  A few years back, I got a Quad Core Dell PC, which for a long time ran smoking fast.  But, for quite some time my home office PC has been acting quirky.  Applications would lock up.  Internet surfing to web sites would freeze up for a few moments, which was very noticible and annoying. 

I ran Dell diagnostics on the PC, and no problems were detected.  Except when the test go the video card, the test froze up for a while finally ocming back to life, but, no problems were detected.

So I started thinking about getting a new PC for the home office.

After looking for a new computer I went to the back of the computer to check the video connections on the back of my video card.  I unplugged both to find DVI connections.  After reconnecting the first monitor would not come back to life, so I went to the back and really worked on the connection.

BINGO.  I rebooted the machine and its running REALLY fast again.

I believe thsat the monitor is PLUG and PLAY and there was a problem with the connection that caused the PC to quirk out and lock up.

This has to be one of the strangest computer problems I’ve seen.  And my home office PC is back up to FULL SPEED!