Time sure flies in the blogsphere as I noticed that I have not blogged about anything in about a year.  Not to say that the conversation is not occurring.  It occurs in real time through Facebook and Twitter, with thoughts or ideas that internet me getting a status on Facebook or a tweet on twitter and then, my friends and colleagues interactively discussing the topic with me.

My home office PC was having all sorts of strange problems ever since I had a power failure at my house that took out one phase of our three phase power.  Even though the computer was connected to a UPS and we have a whole house generator, the one phase being down did not cause the transfer switch to move us off grid power, and the brown out went right through my UPS, and my quad core PC started frying.  I replaced the power supply, and the video card, but, that computer was still completely screwed up.  The behavior is very strange.  At no particular interval, processes freeze on the computer. In the task manager, they are listed as “not responding”.  I reinstalled the operating system twice and it didn’t solve the issue.  So I decided to get the iMac 27.   This was one of the best computer decisions I have made in my professional career.  Its remarkable that a new computer can fill an lifetime IT guy with Glee.  After I made the decision about 6 months ago to get the new iMac, I decided to wait until Apple released the refreshed next generation iMac.  And that was also a fine decision.

The computer itself by its very design is far and beyond that of a typical Windows based PC.  While you can get these options for a Windows PC, by default you get a small wireless keyboard that has an excellent feel, a trackpad to use as a mouse and all of the technology built into the 27 inch display.

The setup process was a breeze, getting the machine on my home wireless network, and connected to the physical network.  The access point in my home office is older so its not using the latest and greatest wireless protocol so the speed is better on the wired network.  Unlike the new access point i installed downstairs near where the boys Xboxes are located.  THEY are enjoying 56MB connectivity from both of their Xboxes.

My home office computer really has only two major functions at this point.  One is using the Microsoft Office suite of software and the other quickbooks.  Microsoft Office 2011 for the MAC is great.,  And Quickbooks Mac is also an excellent release.

When I got my MacBook a few years back the genius at the Apple store recommended Parallels VM software for the mac.  It has worked out great, letting me run Windows XP so I could use Windows Media Player to watch the hundreds of movies and such I have collected over the years.  I also set up a Windows 8 VM to check it out, and I still think that the new Windows look and feel is strange.  They tip their hat to the surface tablet a bit too much for my taste for a desktop operating system.   This again smacks of Apple really understanding what a end user wants and needs to do with their computer.

And, I’m in the process of downloading the latest CentOS Linux operating systems which I’m going to slap into a new VM on my iMac.  I need to set up that operating system on a 1U server for the project I am working on at work.  I was using a shared Linux server for my QA environment for the project I am working on and was kindly asked to get off the machine since they needed it for something else.  When I requested a new Linux VM to the UNIX team, they told me that the request would cost me a charge back of $11,000 for the VM, but, if I wanted a physical 1U box, I could have that for free.   $11,000 versus free.  The free wins out.   Thats another reason why my vast experience in all aspects of IT pays off again, as I can install the operating system and stage the computer myself at my client instead of having to engage other people to help get the computer set up.

And having thew ability to throw down a Linux VM on this iMac is cool because I can test the install before going into the data center lab to put the OS on the 1U server.

So I am completely pleased with the new iMac. And will be continuing to copy over pictures and other media from my old quadcore to the 3TB hard disk on this iMac.  I was also going to look for a NAS for the house that has a RAID 1 hard disk that we can all use to back up our files at the house.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!  Hopefully it will not be another year before i blog again!