I’ve had my Macbook for a few years now, and after upgrading the OS the mac has seemed to become a bit pokey. On occasion I get a spinning globe.

Since i had to take my sons macbook to the genius bar because of a tragic monitor accident I brought my mac in so they could run their proprietary diagnostic on my Macbook. It found no problems. I asked if they could upgrade the memory or replace the drive with an SSD and they said nope, they only do like kind replacements. I suppose that makes sense for Apple from an integration testing perspective. So I ordered some memory from Newegg. BUT, when I received it, I found that it was 1333 mhz memory, with the current memory being 1066 mhz. And strangely when I replaced the 2 2GB DIMMS with the 2 4GB DIMMS, they did not work. I thought that faster memory would work on a slower computer, but, that was not the case.

SO, I got an RMA for the faster memory and ordered the 8GB memory at 1066 mhz. Lets hope this works.