I finally got my Macbook Pro upgraded to 8GB of memory.  My Macbook worked great with the previous version of MacOS but, when I upgraded the memory the mac started getting a bit pokey.  A colleague at work thought the hard disk might be going south, but, when I brought my Son’s Mac to the Genius bar, I had them plug mine into the diagnostics which confirmed that everything was working fine on the Mac.

Apple has an interesting policy to not upgrade equipment.  They will fix it if it breaks, but with like kind parts.  In retrospect that makes sense from an integration testing perspective.  Apple was always about quality.

So, I ordered memory from Newegg, and got the wrong kind and sent it back for a refund.

Then I ordered the correct memory but at the wrong speed.  I was surprised that the faster memory would not work.

Next I ordered the correct memory and speed on eBay, and got dead on arrival memory, which I also sent back.

Finally I ordered the correct memory at the correct speed from Newegg, ordering Kingston memory.  Fourth time was a charm.  The new memory is working perfectly, and the Macbook pro is once again screaming fast.

I would go through at least a Windows notebook a year sometimes two a year until I moved over to the Macbook pro.  I have had this same Macbook since 2010, and its still working great.  Apple macs amazing technology.