September 2013

Uncategorized25 Sep 2013 11:09 am

I have had the opportunity to lead the selection of a secure email delivery system for my client.  This level of technology raises the bar on securely delivering emails to recepients across the Internet.  For those of you not in the know, older legacy company email systems deliver emails across the internet in a non-secure fashion.  My cool project gave me the opportunity to look at some really cool email delivery systems.

As a aside of this project, i had the opprtunity to learn all about advanced persistent threats.

What is that you ask?

A hacker sending you what looks to be a legitimate email that instead has malware inside of it.  For example, one of the vendors that we spoke with recorded over 23 million SPAM emails that were preported to be from Walmart regarding a flat screen TV being delivered to your house.  Instead, there were 3 links in that email that when clicked on, would install a virus on your windows PC that would attempt to steal all your most personal information.

For anybody that does not have up to date anti-virus software on your PC, stop what you are doing immedaitely and update your anti-virus patterns to ensure that your personal PC is protected to the best extent possible from this scary threat vector.



Uncategorized12 Sep 2013 09:38 am

After watching the keynote from Apple on the new iPhone 5s I have decided that there is one compelling reason to get the iPhone 5s. Since I started using my iPhone, I have stopped carrying around a digital camera for taking pictures. My wife has a really nice 35MM digital with a high mega-pixal count for special occasions, but, all I carry around is my iPhone.

So, with the iPhone 5s, apple has significantly improved the picture taking ability of the 5S so I am in.

I also have a strange problem with my Son’s iPhone 4 hand me down. For the last few months his iPhone has used over 6GB of network traffic even though the phone is on the home wireless network and I can’t imagine him using that munch bandwidth during a month. I am going to call AT&T to complain today, not that I expect that to help, but, I will hand me down my iPhone 5 when I get the iPhone 5S in a few days.