At the office I have been a detractor of the “cloud”. There is a perception by “the business” that using the Cloud and Elastic Infrastructure the likes of Amazon will save money. My position has been simple. In the risk analysis of using the cloud, understand the classification of the data you wish to store there, and understand that if “they” want access to it in the cloud, “they” will get access. Insert who you want as “they”. Competitors. Bad Nation State actors. Hackers for profit. And include the cost to “the business” if a disclosure event were to occur in the analysis. “the business” does not like to hear this. They typically pucker up when I talk of disclosure events. Fine. Put your head in the sand. I go back to “Just smile and wave boys, Smile and wave.” Today, there are questions now if Apple, one of the most storied IT companies in the world, were at fault or a party to the latest round of celebrity pictures being posted on the Internet. I have a concept for a solution to the problem that I am noodling over. I am thinking about it as Digital Rights Management on Steroids. Rant done for tonight.