Uncategorized12 Sep 2013 09:38 am

After watching the keynote from Apple on the new iPhone 5s I have decided that there is one compelling reason to get the iPhone 5s. Since I started using my iPhone, I have stopped carrying around a digital camera for taking pictures. My wife has a really nice 35MM digital with a high mega-pixal count for special occasions, but, all I carry around is my iPhone.

So, with the iPhone 5s, apple has significantly improved the picture taking ability of the 5S so I am in.

I also have a strange problem with my Son’s iPhone 4 hand me down. For the last few months his iPhone has used over 6GB of network traffic even though the phone is on the home wireless network and I can’t imagine him using that munch bandwidth during a month. I am going to call AT&T to complain today, not that I expect that to help, but, I will hand me down my iPhone 5 when I get the iPhone 5S in a few days.

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