Uncategorized12 Apr 2009 01:40 pm

I got assigned to another project to upgrade the internet facing DMZ. The decision on which technology to use went back and forth between using Cisco 6509 as a core infrastructure or moving to the Cisco Nexus 7000.

Network operations wanted to stick with 6509 infrastructure, while Architecture & Engineering was interested in moving to the Cisco Nexus platform.

Ultimately the consesus was to stick with Cisco 6509 base infastructure for the DMZ; while my project will fund purchasing some Cisco Nexus 7000 infrastructure for the lab.

Cisco tells us that the version of the IOS for the Nexus has slightly changed. The changes support fiber over IP, and additional functionality.

It makes sense to me from an operations perspective to implement technology that we know how to support in production, and lab up the new technology to get our hands around it.

The project will be interesting.

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