08 Oct 2007 10:21 am

I am the founder, President and CEO of Objective Software Systems, Inc. 

We are an IT consulting firm in the Chicago area offering traditional consulting resources with IT skills required for staff augmentation and project based technical resources.

We also have specialized in the last ten years in IT security, Enterprise Security and Data Loss Prevention technology, helping some of the largest companies in the Chicago area protect their sensitive personal information.

We also have a network of consulting resources in Chicago with difficult to find and nitch skills .  For example, I got a call from the Chicago Tribune a few years back to help them with their newspaper delivery software.  The skill was unique.  Compiled DOS basic software with no instructions on how to compile it, and, the software needed to be COMPLETELY rewritten to accomodate 400,000 additional newspapers for delivery for a total of 1 million daily newspaper deliveries.  This was critical to the tribune, and we found a consultant to do it.  Anyways…

With major companies experiencing data breaches on a regular basis and ending up on the front page of the newspaper, Objectsoft has a track record of deploying DLP technology successfully to protect companies and their information.

And finding consultants with hard to find skill sets at resonable consulting rates… we have been providing consultants in the Chicago area since 1984.

This blog mostly contains my thoughts on technical issues facing companies, and IT security issues that I address on a regular basis, but, you will find personal posts on occassion like the picture of the snapping turtle that came to visit at my house.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and feel free to contact me directly with any questions at lg @ objectsoft.com.  you can remove the spaces.

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